3 Simple Tips For Greener Meetings

CLI Worldwide Transportation is a proud member of Green Ride Global and we’re happy to implement a sustainability program to keep our planet healthy and our business eco-friendly. We take many steps to reduce our carbon footprint and we encourage others to do the same. Plenty of business travelers, meeting and convention visitors and other group travel clients step foot in our vehicles and we assure them safe, stylish, comfortable and green transportation.

Here are three simple ways our meeting planner friends can do their part to preserve our planet:

  • Avoid using paper cups for coffee breaks and opt instead for glasses.
  • Remove pads or sheets of paper for meetings that don’t require note taking. You can also ask your attendees to bring their own notebooks, or hand them out to each person who requests one, and save the unused ones.
  • Conserve electricity during breaks by turning off laptops, lights, projectors and other A/V equipment.

CLI Worldwide Transportation provides ground transportation in LA, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and over 650 other cities around the world. We take care of clients from door to door, catering to every conceivable need to make the time spent in our vehicles relaxing or productive, whichever our clients choose. We offer more than just limousines, luxury sedans (Town Cars, Mercedes Benz S 550, Lexus LS 460L), vans, SUVs and buses; we offer a complete customer experience that is backed up by our word and satisfaction guarantee.

We are driven to excellence and smile when you smile!

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