As an executive service dedicated to serving a wide variety of travelers, CLI is on the pulse of travel trends.  Here’s a look at trends happening in 2015.

  1. Adventure is the Name of the Game

While in the past travelers tended to plan out their vacation itineraries to the hour, modern travelers have become more spontaneous.  Eschewing traditional tourist traps, these travelers venture off the beaten path, seeking unique, thrilling experiences.

  • Try some place new – To become an adventurer instead of a tourist, try staying some place a little more exotic.  When choosing a country for your vacation, leave your comfort zone a little!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Break the mold – Once you’re in that new-to-you country, try something unexpected.  Take a strange tour, try some unique local cuisine, break free from the usual!
  • Stay, stay, stay – Kick back and stay awhile.  The longer you stay in one location, the more likely you are to venture out to discover new activities, hidden gems and local treasures.
  1. Reward Yourself

We all know that credit card companies reward their customers for common travel-related expenses, like flights or hotels.  However, U.S. News and World Reports says that travelers can expect to get even more bang for their buck if they’re paying with plastic in 2015.

As credit cards become more competitive with each other, they will need to sweeten the deal.  This means more incentives for their customers, looser credit restrictions on getting cards and more inventive ways to attract business.  The result is likely to be more attractive travel rewards as 2015 continues.

  1. Have Smartphone, Will Travel

Technology is rapidly changing the way we travel, says Angelo Rossini, travel and tourism analyst for Euromonitor International.  The Apple Watch, which came out in April 2015, for example, will have unexpected effects on travel.  There’s already an app that can open your hotel room without a card key The possibilities are endless!

And on your way to those adventures, rewards and new modes of travel, CLI will be there to take you to and from the airport, smoothly, safely and stress-free.

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photo credit: Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-214; N213FR@LAX;10.10.2011/622iw viaphotopin (license)

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