6 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Corporate Event

Helpful Corporate Event Planning Tips

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Planning a corporate event can be very stressful. Between planning activities, staying within budget, and worrying about what your boss thinks of your choices, it can cause you to forget several important things. Here is a list of mistakes that I find many people make when planning a corporate event:

1. Bad Scheduling

Bad scheduling can occur in a number of ways. I’ve seen companies accidentally schedule their events on religious holidays or during a popular vacation time (which causes many guests to not attend). Before booking your venue, make sure to ask around and make sure that there is nothing going on during those dates.

2. Guest Transportation

Some companies will have meetings during the day in one location, and an after party in another location, but completely forget that people have no way to get to the party. Transportation is very important for corporate events, because it prevents people from getting lost, or not attending at all.

3. Entertainment

One thing that can make or break a corporate event is the entertainment. If you have bad entertainment at your event, people will not remember anything else. All they will remember is the obnoxious DJ or the band that was completely out of tune. Do your research and find a corporate event entertainment company that is professional and experienced.

4. Keynote speaker accommodations.

If you finally book the speaker that you want for your event, don’t forget to figure in their accommodations. This should include things like food and transportation, which allows them to focus on their work and ensuring that they are not late and don’t get lost. There is nothing worse than your keynote speaker being late because you didn’t provide them with transportation to your corporate event.

5. Corny Themes

Corporate event themes can be fun, but don’t take them too far. It is great to use a theme as inspiration for your decorations and entertainment, but make sure to keep it classy. Obviously this depends on what kind of company you have, so it is important to know your audience. Themes can get people out of their comfort zones and having fun, but if you go too far, people just won’t show up.

6. Logistics

Scheduling events too close together or far apart can also cause issues. One corporate event I attended involved a giant dinner followed by a dessert reception in a different venue. Because the planner did not allot enough time to the dinner, no one had a chance to go to the dessert reception, wasting all of the food, entertainment and decorations at the reception. Planning to far apart also causes problems. Too much downtime gives people enough time to get bored and leave.

Corporate events can be very beneficial for your company. They can boost morale among employees or bring together potential clients. Make sure to take these common mistakes into account when you are planning your corporate event to ensure that your guests have a good time.

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