7 Things Meeting Planners Should Know About Site Selection

When it comes to planning a meeting, event or conference, site selection is obviously an extremely important element. Without a site, there’s no conference. A lot of factors are involved when picking a meeting site, so we researched and found these tips from world renowned experts to help you with site selection. These tips come courtesy of Connect Magazine.

1. Reach out and don’t be afraid to go after the city you want, but keep your cards close and do your shopping first. Don’t declare your top choices right away. – Stephen Hahn of Marriott International

2. Don’t base site selection entirely on price. You’ll always find people who are prepared to underprice their services just to get business. But how good and reliable are they? Next time you’re tempted to make a buying decision based entirely on price, think again. -Susan Friedmann, author of “Meeting & Event Planning For Dummies”

3. Always stop in and check out the public restrooms in the hotel or facility. -Stephanie Hudson of Providence Events

4. Before contracting a hotel or convention center, ask if it utilizes a union labor force and specifically which departments are in the unions. -Monica Compton of Pinnacle Productions Inc.

5. If a destination or property is new to you, go beyond the site visit tour and really experience a property, putting yourself in your attendees’ shoes. If possible, visit on your own and spend some time in the lobby. -Cynthia Rich, independent event planner

6. Anything can look beautiful on the Internet, but it’s only by visiting you realize that the after-golf luncheon you’re planning will be held in a tent in the parking lot and not an actual clubhouse. If you can’t make an inspection trip before the meeting, ask a local member for recommendations. -Mike Sorem, National Technical Investigators Association

8. Renegotiate contracts. You can’t do it with every one, but this is a good time to buy, and negotiating is more viable now than it has been in the past. -Lisa DeGolyer, Construction Owners Association of America

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