Business Travel Outlook 2014: Pricing Changes Will Vary

2014 Business Travel Pricing Predictions

Costs are a crucial piece of the business travel puzzle, especially for corporate travel managers trying to keep balance between offering their executives  a great travel experience while staying within the budget.  To help them out, American Express has published the Global Business Travel Forecast for 2014, which aims to predict pricing changes so corporate travel managers can plan and budget accordingly.

The results? The costs of business travel will vary, the report shows. Some prices will be lower, some will be higher, and some will remain the same.

For North American business travelers, the report expects air fares to drop, due to “heightened competition from low-cost carriers, challenging unemployment levels and corporate travel policies becoming more stringent in regard to business class travel.”

But this warm news comes with a warning: “However, pending consolidation among major U.S. airlines may offset these expected declines.”

Read the full article from Executive Travel here.

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