Chauffeur Vs. Driver: What’s the Difference?

3 Skills That Make a Chauffeur More Than a Driver

In the world of executive travel, finding reliable transportation for all stages of a business trip is an important part of productivity, peace of mind and morale. The effort of searching extensively for a car service company that can provide the customer service, vehicle quality and complete experience you need and deserve can affect your focus and affect the trip outcome.

One glaring difference between a high quality car service and a lesser company is the skill level of their personnel. Do they hire chauffeurs or drivers for your executive transportation experience? We’ve listed a few key differences between a chauffeur and a driver:

A Chauffeur is a Local Expert

Most busy executives don’t have time when business takes them to an unfamiliar city to perform tedious research for the best hotel accommodations, quality restaurants, entertaining nightlife stops or other places to entertain an important client. However, these are all business trip requirements. A true, professional chauffeur will be a local expert who can offer the client expert advice on gourmet or ethnic restaurants, quality hotels, golf courses and other activities, cocktail bars, special local events and discretionary shopping. You save time, energy and patience, and your chauffeur can get you to each destination with ease, without strain and on time.

A Chauffeur is Exceptionally Discreet

A qualified chauffeur pays the quiet attention to your need for privacy and discretion. He or she knows time and places of meetings, dinners, lunches, airport pickups and drop-offs, and quietly assures your arrival at each in timely fashion.  A bonafide chauffeur knows when and how to alert you to his or her arrival without interruption. A chauffeur is well trained in the sensitive natures of  important client meetings and gives special attention to creating an exceptional experience reflecting positively on you and your company.

A driver, on the other hand, who does not have close ties to the company he or she drives for will not pay special attention to providing the discreet and unique services that a chauffeur efficiently performs.  A plain driver has less incentive to provide his or her company with a sterling reputation for service.

A Chauffeur Goes Above and Beyond

In differentiating between chauffeur duties and that of driver duties, attention to detail is the vanguard:

  • A chauffeur will pay attention to your particular needs and requirements and provide the services and assistance you need without requiring direction.
  • A chauffeur will be delighted to go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible experience.
  • A professional chauffeur extends his duties far outside of simply driving you from place to place.
  • A professional chauffeur considers your satisfaction ultimately as an investment in your continued business, including providing beverages, music and other concierge services plus personally providing an exceptionally friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your business transactions
  • He or she knows the value of your word in recommendation of the company’s chauffeur services and of him or her in particular.

The differences between a chauffeur and a driver can become the difference between a productive, enjoyable and efficient trip and one that is sorely lacking in multiple categories.

From discretion and personal courteous customer service to the superior professional attitude of a chauffeur, you will find your expert professional chauffeur with our car service, and definitely receive the executive travel experience you deserve.

So before you settle for a car service or TNC (such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar) based on price alone, consider the actual cost of the trip. When you’re with a professional California limo service, such as CLI Worldwide, you don’t just get a trip from point A  to point B; you get lower stress levels and increased comfort.

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