How Corporate Groups Benefit From Motorcoach Travel

Corporate Group Travel In A Motorcoach


Today’s business travelers require more amenities than ever – and not for luxury, but for efficiency and productivity. When booking corporate group travel, it’s important to know if your ground transportation provider has the right vehicles, the right features, an expert driver and a killer logistics team to make your trip smooth and seamless.

Corporate group events are investments in your people and company. Booking a motorcoach is also an investment, not just as a way to get your people where they need to be, but it’s also an investment in their safety, comfort and peace-of-mind to make sure they’re relaxed and ready for the event! Don’t leave this crucial piece in the hands of just anybody — let the experts handle it. Our Orange County limo service team knows how to maximize your ROI while providing a stress-free travel option for your executives and employees.

Here are 3 ways our motorcoach service can help you out.

Constant connectivity. Gone are the days of wasted time during travel. Our executive motorcoaches feature Wi-Fi connection and power outlets so passengers can stay productive on their laptops or tablets instead of draining their own data plans. We also offer a robust entertainment system with stereo and DVD players for those who choose to kick back and enjoy the ride.

Comfort and safety. The interior designs of our coaches vary but all offer comfortable leather seats that are spaced in a way to provide maximum legroom and comfort. We studied how the best airlines and trains designed their interiors and replicated it on our motorcoaches.

Personalized service. We didn’t just look to top airlines for design, but also service. Our chauffeurs and logistics teams are the best at what they do, planning the complex travel plans and operating the vehicles smoothly and safely. They are available to answer any questions and provide amenities specific to your needs.


CLI Worldwide Transportation provides chauffeured car service in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and over 650 other cities around the world. We were awarded as a finalist for LCT Magazine’s Limousine Operator of the Year Award, the limousine industry’s most prestigious award. We take care of clients from door to door, catering to every conceivable need to make the time spent in our vehicles relaxing or productive, whichever our clients choose. We offer more than just limousines, luxury sedans (Town Cars, Mercedes Benz S 550, Lexus LS 460L), vans, SUVs and buses; we offer a complete customer experience that is backed up by our word and satisfaction guarantee.

We are driven to excellence!

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