How To Beat Jet Lag On Your Next Business Trip

Business trips can be challenges in and of themselves. Maybe you’re flying across the country to attend a conference or visit a new client. Your mind needs to stay sharp, and that begins with taking care of the body. Jet lag can be a traveler’s worst enemy, so here are four easy ways to battle it:

Adjust your body clock beforehand. If you are traveling east, prepare by waking up and going to bed earlier than you normally would. If you are traveling west, wake up and go to bed later than you normally would.

Tools of the trade: alarm clock

Regulate your exposure to light. Adjusting your body clock might sound simple in theory, but it’s not as easy in practice. To help advance or delay your body clock, schedule when your exposure to light. Light is the main way your body knows when to sleep and when to wake, so battling jet lag is all about managing light exposure.

Follow the recipe: when traveling east, expose yourself to light earlier than normal. When traveling west, expose yourself to light at dusk and early evening to delay your body clock.

Tools of the trade: sunglasses

Eat right. Even if it’s your normal diet, try to avoid large meals or spicy meals in the evening, because the body is not as efficient at metabolizing food at that time and may interrupt later stages of sleep.

Prepare the hotel room for a good night’s sleep. Once you arrive at your destination, get some sleep that first night. About an hour or two before bed, keep the lights dim, close blinds or curtains and cover any light from a clock, computer, TV and smartphone because they may reset your internal clock to the wrong time.

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