How To Travel Stress Free

Business travel clients who choose CLI Worldwide as their transportation services provider count on us to make their trips stress free. Yes, you heard that right: stress free travel!

To complement our business travel ground transportation, here are several tips to help make the rest of your travel stress free.

    • Review travel advisories and tips on how to pack efficiently for travel. Forgetting that your carry on has liquids above 3 oz or other innocent items deemed dangerous by the TSA (nail clippers, pocket knives, etc.) can cause the unnecessary hassle of having to remove them, explain them, choose between disposing them or checking in your bag, all of which waste your precious time. Check out these travel guidelines prior to packing.
    • Pack earlier than you plan and use a notepad or smartphone to help organize on paper what you need to pack, and then remind yourself while packing by checking the list.
    • In addition to packing early, travelers and business travel clients should print tickets and boarding passes in advance, check passport expiration dates, gather all devices and chargers, and book your airport car service early in advance to guarantee availability.
    • Have your limo service send you a confirmation with all relevant information prior to your trip so that you are both on the same page.
    • Have a snack or meal before heading out because sometimes it’s hard to find time to eat at the airport.

The key rules for stress free travel are organization and pre-planning. While there are many elements out of the traveler’s control, following these tips will help you be set for stress-free travel.

We provide ground transportation in LA, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and over 650 other cities around the world. We take care of clients from door to door, catering to every conceivable need to make the time spent in our vehicles relaxing or productive, whichever our clients choose.

We are driven to excellence and smile when you smile!

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