How Top Hotels Are Going Green

We at CLI Worldwide Transportation have made a commitment to keep the planet healthy and lower our carbon footprint through a rigorous sustainability program provided by the great people at Green Ride Global. Not only do we provide transportation in Orange County, and limousine service from Orange County to LA and LA to Orange County, we strive to make sure we operate in an eco-friendly manner.

We’d like to encourage our event professional partners to also consider the well being of our planet and the future of our species. We we found a list of the top green hotel chains from Meetings & Conventions magazine. Take a look at what some of the top chains are doing to be eco-friendly.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts:

  • Dishes and cutlery instead of disposable paper plates or plastic utensil
  • Linen napkins and centerpieces that either are edible or made from reusable items
  • Recycling stations in all meeting rooms
  • Whiteboards are substituted for paper flip charts
  • Options for green activities and team-building programs.
  • Electronic check-in and checkout
  • In-house TV channel dedicated to providing meeting information and updates to attendees.


  • 3,600 properties use a carbon calculator program, LightStay.
  • Lightstay analyzes 200 operational practices, including housekeeping, paper product usage, food waste and transportation, and determines their environmental impact in terms of energy and water use, waste production and carbon output.


  • Provide venues with event orders at least 10 days in advance to reduce last-minute resource shopping.
  • Use recycling bins in all function space and guest rooms.
  • Use local printing services and recycled paper if electronic options are not applicable.
  • Event organizers will allow no more than one pallet of materials to be shipped per 100 rooms occupied, and no more than half a pallet going home, in order to reduce transportation emissions.
  • Pens and notepads will be placed in a central location rather than being distributed to all meeting attendees.
  • Use recycled products such as paper, pens and menus.
  • Use reusable bottles and supply filtered water stations.
  • Meals will be ordered from Hyatt’s seasonal and local banquet menus, which are updated quarterly and feature regional fare from farmers and fisheries;
  • China and cutlery will be used instead of disposable utensils and plating where possible, and
  • Meeting room temperatures will be set “conservatively.”

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants:

  • All printed materials use 100 percent recycled paper.
  • All meeting correspondence is sent electronically, including sales proposals, catering menus and banquet orders.
  • Catering ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used in meeting areas.
  • Organic tea is available at all coffee stations.
  • Plasticware, napkins and lunch boxes are made from 100 percent recycled materials.
  • Styrofoam, disposable cups, wooden stir sticks and individually packaged condiments are never used.
  • Motion-controlled lighting is used in all meeting space, and recycling bins are available in all meeting and guest rooms.
  • Where possible, unused food is donated, and leftover food is composted.


  • Paperless billing
  • Property-wide use of energy-efficient bulbs, low-flow bathroom facilities, an energy-saving linens program and Energy Star appliances.
  • Provides meetings with 100% postconsumer fiber notepads, pitchers of water (instead of plastic bottles) and recycling bins.
  • Marriott also offers recyclable box-lunch programs using biodegradable utensils and napkins.


  • Use electronic sales tools, recyclable flip charts and paper products
  • Use sustainable nonpaper supplies such as whiteboards, LED signage
  • Use recyclable ink and double-sided printing
  • Use of hybrid or electric vehicles to and from off-site meeting venues
  • Sustainable menu items in hotel restaurants
  • Potted plants instead of fresh-cut flowers.

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