Secure Event Sponsorships Every Time With These Tips

How To Get Sponsors For Your Event

Getting sponsors to support your event, meeting or conference is a great way to offset some of the costs. It also helps the sponsors raise awareness of their brand and connect with their customers, so in the end it’s a win-win.

But finding sponsors can be a challenge in and of itself, so we gave you 7 awesome ways to get sponsors for your event, and now we’re digging in a little more to help you raise your chances of securing solid sponsorships.

Step 1: List of Potential Sponsors For Your Event, Meeting or Conference To Consider

  • Companies who have supported events similar to yours.
  • Companies interested in the demographics of your attendees
  • Companies launching new products targeted toward the same demographics as your attendees
  • Local businesses that are looking to expand their client base
  • Companies offering products or services that attendees may use in their downtime, such as golf equipment.

Step 2: Crafting A Proposal

When writing a persuasive proposal to sell the sponsorship, it’s crucial to first and foremost focus on the needs of the sponsor. That way you’ll understand which benefits to highlight.

  • First, speak with the potential sponsor’s marketing manager / brand manager / senior member of marketing team / PR team who could have input and influence in sponsorship decisions.
  • Next, draft a proposal with the following things in mind:
  • Concise description and history of the event and company and the mission behind it
  • Data on attendees to highlight the value of the group to the sponsor’s company
  • Testimonials from past or current sponsors
  • Detailed information about exclusive sponsor opportunities, fees, packages and benefits that offer sponsors various options to match their budgets
  • List of exclusive perks available to sponsors, such as additional media coverage, VIP access to receptions, targeted marketing opportunities, etc.

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