The Keys to Executive Productivity

Executives around the country might be enmeshed in different industries and completing a different set of tasks, but executives all have some qualities in common.

Leadership, strategic thinking and clear communication are three of the top skills that executives usually have in spades, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Keys to Productivity

So, how can executives capitalize on the skills that they already possess and take their productivity to the next level?

The answer lies in avoiding stressors, setting firm boundaries, and managing your priorities in order to effectively prioritize essential activities.

With the constant barrage of reality television, friends wanting you to go out for a few drinks and your own inbox clamoring for more of your attention, though, staying on task can feel nearly impossible.

Prioritizing the Essentials

This is where setting firm boundaries comes in. The trick to staying productive is keeping these stressors and your workspace as far apart as possible.

Make sure to separate your essential duties as a team leader from tasks that you can delegate or are plain time wasters.

Executives who fail to catch opportunities to delegate out menial tasks, or succumb to needlessly refreshing their inbox throughout the workday, are bound to be less productive than executives who maintain firm boundaries and prioritize.

Bearing in mind that needlessly checking emails is one of the most pernicious time wasters that threatens your productivity, consider taking a few steps to avoid falling into that trap.

Prioritize your most important clients in your email account and only check your inbox at certain intervals throughout the day; say, every two hours.

Prioritizing and setting boundaries doesn’t mean slacking off, though. Just the opposite: By making certain coworkers and clients more of a priority, you’re freeing yourself up to put more of your effort into more important tasks.

Establish a Workspace

If you do some or all of your work from home, then it’s time to get serious about your workspace in order to enhance your productivity and keep distractions to a minimum.

Although it’s tempting to think that you can carry over the same productivity from one location to another, that’s not often the way it plays out. There are simply more distractions, even stressors, in one area as opposed to another.

Many executives who work from home decide to set up shop in their living room or den, but this is a mistake for a few reasons. For one, this is probably where you spend your time relaxing, so there is no shortage of distractions in these places. A nearby television or fridge full of goodies is going to nip at the back of your mind and take your attention away from what’s important.

Set up an office space that’s away from distractions so you have no excuse but to get to work. Even clocks can work against you, since checking the time every few minutes, like checking your email too often, is a productivity killer.

Remaining in Control

You’ll need to identify the stressors and distractions that most frequently get you off track, then set boundaries to eliminate these from your work life.

Many executives paradoxically do too much, which causes them to do too little; deciding against delegating tasks and doing them yourself might seem more productive, but you could be squandering your energy on less important pursuits.

Learning to prioritize the tasks that are most critical for success – and establishing boundaries to keep the rest out – will keep you on-task and feeling less overwhelmed at work. Higher productivity is right around the corner.

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