Tips For A Successful Virtual Event

Today’s technology makes the virtual event or conference a reality for many organizations, especially since industries are growing global networks that require constant communication for business to keep moving.

The virtual event has many advantages and conveniences, such as the ability to conduct a live meeting with people from all over the world without the expenses of travel, hosting location, etc. Although it’s not the same as an in-person meeting where you get to press the flesh and look into the eyes of your potential business partners, the virtual event is still a great alternative to a costly international conference.

Here are some tips to throwing a successful virtual event and keeping attendees engaged.

Be aware of time differences. Try to pick a time that works well for someone in North America as well as in Europe and Asia. It may be hard to find the perfect time, but a little research on Google and surveying participants in advance will give you a better idea of the time zones people will be coming from to attend your virtual event.

Communicate in advance the kind of technology you will be using for the live meeting. Consider e-mail blasts or social media campaigns to educate attendees on the technological side of the virtual event and get questions out of the way before the event. That way, the meeting won’t be taken up by time-wasting technical questions.

Encourage attendees to be vocal about their experience. Let your attendees know that it’s okay to speak up if they can’t hear the conversation, are having technical issues, or any other problems engaging during the meeting.

Start with an ice-breaker. The rules for a virtual event are pretty much the same as a live meeting face-to-face. Try asking about local weather, or about cultural events happening in different regions of the world. Think of things that everyone can relate to, but will offer unique responses.

Keep soliciting participation. It’s easy to zone out when you’re not in a face-to-face meeting, so keep checking in from time to time with your attendees to make sure that they’re paying attention and engaged with your virtual event.

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