Top Reasons Travel Agencies Are Better Than Discount Travel Vendors

Travel agencies are seeing a resurgence in popularity as travelers increasingly realize the benefits of having a stress-free journey with a personalized touch. Just as a professional chauffeured car service offers a much more valuable and memorable experience than a taxi or rideshare app, so do travel agencies offer a better experience than travel websites.

The trouble with many websites that conglomerate travel and hotel deals – e.g., sites like Expedia and Kayak – is that although the prices are kept low, the benefits essentially end there. These companies focus on finding the best price, which might not entail getting the most stress-free journey possible.

Although booking and arranging your trip through a travel agency might seem like merely an ode to the past, travel agencies actually still retain a lot of real-world benefits. You can find better package deals, insightful recommendations, personal attention and advice about how to enhance security on your trip.

Financial Benefits

It’s often said that your most precious commodity is time, and the time of your clients is very prized. The time that you’d spend browsing through thousands of listings on a site like Expedia could definitely be better spent on improving your business. Clients realize that. You can avoid this mess, and related frustrations, by choosing a travel agency that knows that area well. It’s the travel agency’s job to tackle all of these nuanced travel arrangements and leave you free to get on with your life. A travel agent can create the perfect trip on the budget that you hand him. It’s that simple.

More Hands-on

Typically, sites like Kayak provide you with a list of options that you have to sift through; and, unfortunately, this can leave you wasting time and maybe not even finding your ideal vacation or business trip after all the hassle. Moreover, these commercial sites are unabashedly in the business of making money. They only want your credit card details and the dates that you’ll be traveling. That’s all they care about. It’s an automated, cold process.

An experienced travel agent, though, wants to get to know their clients and find the travel arrangement that matches all of your criteria and falls within your budget. Finding luxury arrangements and sorting out every detail of the trip – from leaving your home and getting a taxi to stepping off the plane at your destination and beyond – a travel agency does so much more than commercial travel websites.

You’ll ultimately find all of these conveniences plus the peace of mind knowing that contingency plans are in place should your flight be cancelled or delayed, or if any unexpected event threatens your travel plans. Ultimately, travel agents see all of their clients as people, and offer ongoing help to all of their clients.

Added Security

When you go through commercial travel booking websites – sites like Kayak and Hotwire – you’re running the risk of computer failures, credit fraud and other electronic complications. Who needs that? It’s added stress and time taken away from enjoying your trip.

A travel agency, on the other hand, gives you move privacy and hands-on attention. The travel agent’s not going to give your personal or credit card information to anyone to generate more business – as is the case with many travel booking sites these days.

Book Now

Travel agencies are safer and more convenient than online booking websites. A travel agent already has knowledge of the area and won’t share your credit information with any third-party sources. With the added benefits of finding bundles, luxury amenities and sticking within your budget, a travel agency is clearly the best choice.

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