3 Costly Mistakes Planners Make When Booking Group Transportation

Planning a group outing can be an exciting time for everyone involved. If it is for work, the time can prove especially helpful for employee bonding and for developing new relationships that is sure to improve productivity in the long run. Maybe it’s for a retirement center and those who have signed up are looking to experience the joy of life and the thrill of going somewhere new. Regardless of what it is for, the trip is sure to be fun, but the planning can prove anything but.

Booking group transportation for more than a handful of people requires you to go out and hire a service that specializes in moving large groups of people at once. However, you don’t want to just settle and go with the first company that pops up on your search engine. You need to have a set checklist for what you’re looking for. You also need to do whatever you can to avoid mistakes in booking group transportation, which is why understanding these three huge mistakes that plague far to many groups is essential.

Not Researching the Company

Before you bring in a contractor into your home for a job, you probably research the professional, seek out references and word of mouth advice. Before buying a new car, you look up consumer reports, compare it to other models out there and decide from there if it is right for you. You need to do the same with your transportation company. The entire trip hinges on arriving at the set destination on time. Whether this is a hotel, airport or sightseeing location, you want someone who is reliable, trustworthy and punctual. However, you are likely to be surprised as to just how many transportation companies fail to meet these requirements.

Due to this, investigating the company ahead of time is a must. Look for reviews online and make sure to not only read the good reviews but the bad ones as well. Also, keep in mind the total rating of the company. Sometimes negative reviews are more the fault of the reviewer than anything else, but you can learn a great deal from this research and it should help you decide upon the best transportation company possible.

Not Setting Up a Meet and Greet

Make sure to meet who you are working with ahead of time. If you are booking hotel services, meet up with the professionals you are to be working with. If you are working with a local travel agency, stop by and talk with them face to face. You can often learn more about the company in a face to face meeting than over the phone or through email. If you do not like the way they treat you in a face to face meet and greet, there is a good chance you are not going to like how they treat you and your group later on.

Not Considering Luggage Space

When group booking transportation, you probably are counting heads of people going but you might not be counting the kinds of baggage people are bringing. Some transportation vehicles have storage compartments for large suitcases located under the seating area. Other vehicles, however, simply have small areas to stow a few bags above the seats. Consider this when booking and making group transportation arrangements. You don’t want everyone holding heavy suitcases in their laps for hours at a time simply because you do not consider this element.

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